When you have enabled fulfilment order, you update order status by changing status on each relevant fulfilment order.

1. go to Order > Fulfilment

2. Choose relevant fulfilment order  (note 1)

note 1: You can identify fulfilment order of a sale order by looking at its order number. Fulfilment order number used Sale order number as prefix.

3. 'Checked' relevant items (note 2)

4. Click new status. In this example, click 'Ready to Pack'

note 2: If not all items are available, you can choose one of the items. You can also adjust the quantity. The new status applies to the fulfilment order only if either all items are changed to the new status, or remaining items are canceled.

5.1  Confirm the change

5.2 In case the order status required shipment info, the popup will show as follows

If there are integrations with 3rd party courier, "Courier Company" will show the list of available courier. Otherwise, user can select "Other" as the option of  "Courier Company", and fill in the Courier Name and Tracking Code manually

6. the order is changed to the new status.

Change log can be found under 'status history'

You can also change order status in batch.