First, you need to decide:

Temporary file location for upload

You can use

  • media center in CLEARomni; or 
  • any other online storage (e.g. Onedrive, Google Drive, your own online storage)

If you use media center, you only need to input file names in your import data file. 

Otherwise, you have to input the full file path.

File naming notation

You can skip file name in the import data file, if you follow below naming notation and file are kept in media center:

  • <SKU number>+<sequence number>.JPG / .PNG

With main image labelled with sequence number '01'.

For example, for SKU FA-01, 

  • main image: FA-0101.JPG
  • alternative images: FA-0102.JPG, FA-0103.JPG, FA-0104.JPG

Organize files with folder

You can organize your files by grouping images into folders.