The combination of approval and publishing status allows you to show or hide certain product.
(yet to be deployment with latest version)

Publishing status

  • Unpublished: the product is hidden
  • Published: the product is shown

Approval status

When you need to review the product content before it gets published, you can include approval process in your  workflow. 

  • Draft: the content is being updated
  • Pending approval: the content is submitted for approval
  • Approved: the content is approved
  • Rejected: the content is rejected 

You can modify a published content, the updated content will only be shown when it is approved.

A summary of the content status as follows:

Approval statusPublishing StatusProduct content status
Pending ApprovalUnpublishedSubmitted for approval for the first time
ApprovedPublishedLatest change is approved and published
DraftPublishedModified, new version yet to be submitted
Pending ApprovalPublishedModified and submitted for approval
RejectedPublishedModification is rejected
ApprovedUnpublishedApproved and un-published

This is how status is shown in the product content.

This is how the status is shown on product listing page.

User can check if there is any follow up action by referring to the flag messages in the content:

For example,

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